Blow Molding Plants

The main products are plastic tool boxes, sports equipment, auto parts, hollow containers, plastic toys, chemical barrels, plastic tables and chairs, New Jersey guardrails, pet supplies, floating docks, anti-glare panels, solar floating systems, and anti-glare columns.
  • Plastic Toolbox
  • Transportation equipment
  • Plastic tables and chairs
  • Specialty Products
Square Trolley Box
Trolley case
relief sculpture
anti-glare plate
anti-glare pole
dining chair
Floating docks
Specialty Products
Solar Float System
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Passed ISO Certification
Professional plastic blow molding manufacturer and blow molding manufacturer
Our company was established in 1982 and has long been focused on the development and production of plastic products, with the goal of high quality and high efficiency.
As a blow molding manufacturer, we have advanced manufacturing technology and are able to manufacture a variety of products, including plastic tool boxes, sports equipment, auto parts, etc. Our products are widely used in various fields, including home, sports, automobiles, pet supplies, etc. As a blow molding manufacturer, we focus on innovation and technological advancement to meet the different needs of our customers. Our process can produce high-quality, large-sized and lightweight products, such as hollow containers, chemical barrels, etc. The company can currently produce products with lengths up to 3200 mm, widths up to 1200 mm, and weights up to 40 kg, and are committed to continuously expanding our production capabilities to meet market demand.
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